Phase 2 of the Business and Biodiversity Platform
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The European Business and Biodiversity (B@B) Platform provides an EU level forum for sustained and strategic dialogue about the links between business and biodiversity. The Platform will deliver tangible results by working with businesses on three workstreams for integrating biodiversity considerations into business practice. These include:  
1. Accounting for Natural Capital: developing a decision framework and set of principles that help companies determine what form of natural capital accounting to adopt, and what best practice guidance and tools are available to support them.  The approach will be piloted by volunteer companies.

2. Innovation for Biodiversity and Business: promoting innovation that contributes to nature protection and provides opportunities for businesses (including SMEs), by showcasing innovative companies / business models and identifying opportunities for fostering new business models.

3. Access to Finance and Innovative Finance Mechanisms: demonstrating the benefits to businesses (including SMEs) of biodiversity-related investments, as well as showcasing financing schemes for biodiversity and champions in the finance sector who are funding biodiversity related project or who are using nature-related criteria for financing decisions.
By filling in this form, you are applying for membership to the Platform. The terms and conditions of membership are given on the next page.

For more information, please contact Strahil Christov (Tel +32 (0)2 29 78667 ; )

Terms and conditions of membership to the B@B Platform

There are four types of membership.  Each is associated with different levels of commitment:
  • Full membership for businesses who want to actively participate in the Platform’s workstreams. Only "Full Member" companies will have the opportunity to use the EU B@B ogo.
  • Observer status for businesses who aren’t able to commit to full membership but who wish to be kept informed of the work and relevant developments. Observers will receive the quarterly newsletter, and be invited to attend the annual B@B meetings. Observers will not be able to use the EU B@B logo.
  • Representative status for industry associations, NGOs and other organisations. Representatives are expected to inform their members of the B@B work and take opportunities to provide input into and/or comment on the outputs of the workstreams. Representatives will be asked to attend the annual B@B meetings.
  • Member State participants engaged in B@B activities or interested in engaging in B@B activities (e.g. Member State authorities or delegates from national business and biodiversity platforms). MS participants will be expected to inform national members of the B@B work, apply the work in a national context where possible, and provide inputs and comment on the outputs of the workstreams. MS participants will be asked to attend the annual B@B meetings.
Full members will be expected to actively participate in one of the three workstreams. All full members will be expected to:
  • Review, input into, and comment on, draft outputs of their chosen workstream;
  • Participate in, and attend, the annual meeting of the Platform where the findings will be presented

In addition, each workstream will involve specific commitments. These are detailed below.  
Workstream 1: Accounting for Natural Capital
  • For companies that have previously undertaken NCA studies (e.g. measuring / valuing impacts and dependencies, risks and opportunities, reporting values / indicators): Review and comment on draft versions of the framework methodology and principles, sharing their experience; OR
  • For companies in the process of considering following an NCA approach: Pilot the framework methodology.
Workstream 2: Innovation for Biodiversity and Business
Provide showcase material and information, by email and through telephone interviews on one (or more) of the following:  
  • Innovative new business models or activities related to Green Infrastructure and/or restoration (including the creation and/or restoration of natural and semi-natural habitats, the development of new market-based mechanisms and green technological solutions, such as green roofs and buildings, that benefit biodiversity);
  • New and innovative business models related to benefit corporations and social impact enterprises, and opportunities that could foster these models further in the EU; AND/OR
  • Promising new business ideas and innovations for biodiversity, including needs for more R&D and/or other enabling actions required to take them forward.
Workstream 3: Access to Finance and Innovative Finance Mechanisms
Provide showcase material and information, by email and through telephone interviews related to:
  • Financing market opportunities related to biodiversity (e.g. certified products, offsets or payments for ecosystem services);
  • Biodiversity funding (e.g. through banks and venture capital funds); AND/OR
  • Championing biodiversity in the finance sector (e.g. through standards, information services and market indices).
B@B Bureau
B@B Platform members will also be asked to volunteer to sit on the B@B Bureau as high level strategic advisors. The B@B Bureau will guide and inform the work carried out by Platform members.
The Bureau will be comprised of a maximum of 20 delegates including senior level business executives, Member State participants, representatives from NGOs and Commission Services.
B@B Bureau delegates will be expected to attend two meetings to discuss the B@B work. The first meeting will be held in February 2014 and the second in July 2014.

We thank you in advance for your application.

Application for Membership


Application for Membership

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